It’s that season of the year where the sun is getting hotter,our sweatglands are becoming more active, hair loss and worst of all we start getting darker!!!!!😭

For most of us, this is the time we race to the market, change our body lotion, get a serum to add to it……let’s stop here and have a brief lecture👩‍⚕️

your skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s functions are:

•Protection(from harmful UV rays)



and other functions I won’t discuss.

When the weather begins to change(Dry season, Hamattan, summer etc) it becomes hotter, sunnier etc. You begin to notice some changes in your body, according to the little research i did, in the heat period, better cooling mechanism by the body is required which is achieved through loss of body hair (when you’re trying to retain hair length then BOOM the weather changes😭) increased number of sweat glands to aid perspiration(sweating) which in turn leads to dark skin pigmentation which acts as a protective mechanism against depletion or destruction of folic acid in the body and to a lesser extent DNA damage. (Thank God for melanin🙄👐)

If you want to know more about the skin check out this youtube video via this link. (thank me later👌)

From the “Lecture” above we can see that, our change in skin tone during the hot weather is a form of protective mechanism.

Now, I’m not saying we should go around dancing in the sun because melanin has got our back (you’ll just get 50 shades darker🤷‍♀️) but now that we’re aware of this we shouldn’t go get some harmful substance in the name of lotions or creams to “clear up our skin”.

Here’s a few things we could do to keep ourselves in check during these seasons.

1. Get a sunscreen (super important!!!!) In as much as our bodies tries it’s best to protect us from UV rays we MUST make conscious effort to have ourselves covered.

2. Hydration is key. During this period, you will lose body water through sweat and you will be dehydrated,and when you’re dehydrated frequently, it will show on your skin.

3. Make use of oils and moisturizers. Really good oils that can be used are:

Argan oil

coconut oil

castor oil

petroleum jelly(Vaseline) can be used, i think it’s more popularly used than oils. and many more oils and moisturizers that can be found around.

4. A good Hair care regimen. This is nothing more than a structural routine, in which one performs basic and specialised hair care practices. This includes regularly moisturizing your hair with water, oil and cream (LOC method) protective styling (braids, threading etc)

By the way those little creams, serum or lotions we whip up to use to “alter” the darkening effect gotten from excess sun exposure contains “bleaching agents” (eg Hydroquinone) that suppresses the production of melanin, reducing the skin’s natural protection against damaging UV radiation,these agents penetrates the skin and may cause irreversible damage to the connective tissue of the skin such as premature aging skin, weakening of the skin(in this case, the skin cannot be stitched if there is a cut, how scary is that😱)

and the big one—-cancer! So I’ll advice we be careful about what we put on our skin.

Above all, we should make conscious effort to take proper care of our skin by eating a healthy diet, exercise and most importantly LOVE your skin!!!💓

Till next time…


8 thoughts on “Urrgh!!! I’m Getting Darker Again😑

  1. Thank you for this… I’ve noticed I’ve gotten darker like really really dark… And this just enlightened me… Ps does olive oil work too?

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