I for one love dinners, from the food😘, to the gowns, suit and tie, to the sparkling decorations, but most of all i love the dress up.

(NUAMBS – Nigerian University Association of Management and Business Studies.)

I was privilaged to attend the NUAMBS of the University of Abuja dinner which held on the 14th of september 2018 at Apo Apartments Abuja.

i must say the organisers of the event did a superb job.

The occasion was graced by Distinguished personalities which includes:

The graduating class (400 level coordinator)

Respective Lecturers

The student Union Government President 2017/2018

Guest speakers:

☆Dr Peter Oyeneye (FNIPR) C.E.O Advanced Management Academy

☆Dr Dikko Umar Radda DG (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria SMEDAN)

There were various performances by some of the talented students and invited guests such comedy, lecturer impersonations, welcoming of Mr and Mrs NUAMBS, musical performances by kekeboro and other artists. The MC of the event was also quite entertaining.

There were brief lectures given by the Guest speakers to students about entrepreneurship and preparing themsleves for the larger side of life.

About the food and snack, i can only use one word……AMAZING!!!!😍 (i think i should be a food critic in the future🤔) P.S i couldn’t take a picture of the snacks because i ate it before i thought of taking a picture😿

Unfortunately for me, i wasn’t able to get a lot of pictures of people whose outfit caught my eyes but i got a few( it’s not my fault, i didn’t think i was going to write about the event 😭😭)

The muse❤

There was also a pool afterparty which i didn’t stay for cause it was wayyyy past my bedtime😂. Sadly i didn’t get pictures.

I’m not able to list out all the names of the dignitaries and performers that were present or share enough pictures( like i said before i didn’t think i was gonna write about it🙈) but i will be better prepared next time.

But at the end of the day i actually had a good evening.😁

Till next time lovelies….


5 thoughts on “NUAMBS DINNER 2018

  1. Sure it was an amaze night for everyone physically present @ the Dinner. Though I was too busy that food was not my main priority but the success of the event.

  2. Wow thanks to u Abigail for this Epistle, it was really fun and I had a lot of memories to keep but I wasn’t happy cos I didn’t snap with my school Mum ( Mummy Abbah). Thanks dearie

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