Generation Z

“This is a part of a generation that is global, social, visual and technological. They are most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever. They are the upager with the influence beyond their years”

Hello lovelies🥀

Merry Christmas❤

I hope we are all good cause Tis’ the season and we all have to be jolly. I am really excited about this post cause I got to converse with a number of interesting personalities about what they do and why they do what they do.

Isaiah Obi

He is popularly known as “Obi the artist”. He is a 400l student of Political Science at Bingham University, Karu. I was opportuned to have to a chat with him recently. I was excited because i have seen his works which are exquisite.

Obi attended Vattia College Makurdi, over the interview he told me about how much he loved soccer, apparently Art wasn’t his first Love. He took a trip down memeory Lane to tell me about how his Art Journey commenced. During his Js1 he was given an art assignment which was about colour tone, through this assignment he began to develop interest in art, which progressed in his Js3 when he won “Master pieceman” which was a huge deal for him. He said he considered his “big break” in his ss3 when he painted President Buhari using “Mix Media” which involved using different things to create art, such as beads, wrappers, poster colours and he even had to use his own hair( talk about passion🔥) He has a specialty of using Pens to draw large portrait which I’m sure you’ll agree with me is pretty dope. Obi is famous for his Paintings of Nigerian Celebrities which has made a name for him.

Obi spoke about his love for abstract art, he belives art is a strong language. He said inspiration is a gift and i quote

“If you want to excel in Life, you must be able to search your soul”

Obi would like to give back to the community when he begins to earn more from his works.

He loves music, he also plays the guitar.

Aside the Art talk, he did drop some gems, spoke a little about love(🙃) according to him when you really love someone,just looking at the person without saying a word could be the best conversation ever, to him there is no definition for love( did i mention he is single💃)


Zeldak the producer🔥🔥🔥

He is a 300l Physiology student of Bingham University, Karu.

Zeldak is an upcoming producer who is from a musically inclined family. His father plays the guitar and his sisters sing. He is the only boy out of 6 which made him an introvert. It was from his solitude moments he developed interested in making beats. He is an undergraduate and a self taught producer who started learning in 2014. His first beats was used for a song was in 2016 but according to him it didn’t ‘drop’ due to reasons from the artist,which was intially discouraging but he got over it. presently he has done beats for artist such as:

1# Tall chezzy ft emmzy E Dont Talk

2# kayter WA SI Mi

3#miles caliph Body language

4# Pablo zeldak ft miles caliph Pablo

5# Kayter Tripping & Dripping

6# Side nigga – Deecee x Slique

Zeldak spoke about his experiences with various upcoming artist such as artists that can be very indecisive about what they want and those that do not always hold up their end of the bargain especially when it comes to payment. According to him, no hustle is easy but his love for music keeps him going.

Producers and artists he admires includes DJ Mustard, metro booming, young john, sarz and a whole lot of them. Zeldak is happily dating😊 and how he would love to continue music and make a name in the future.

Ayo Yusuf Samuel

Ayo yusuf popularly known as A.Y is a medical student who is also a graphic designer. He is the CEO of RX Digital and also a designer under Nazareth clothing line owned by Maksam Lawi, he has also done works for political candidates, Nile University, Abuja, Bingham Unversity chapel and many more . He spoke about his first Job which was done at Bingham University for the Bingham University Medical student association’s Health week 2015. He spoke about how the job was stressful, time consuming and how he almost reached point break, being his first Job, but he came through. AY also spoke about the challenges associated with his craft such as dealing with clients, people always wanting freebees and issues with payment.

Aside graphic designing he hopes to drop a mixtape soon featuring underground artist and hopefully launching his own clothing line and creating a network which will feature acts he likes such as music, photography, fashion and cinematography. According to him, he is very selective about the people he works.

AY spoke about other things he does for fun such as watching cartoons like spongebob and bob the builder( i was in awe☺) He said shows like these are actually quite relaxing unlike the mind tasking movies we watch day to day. He dislikes telenovela, zeeworld but he likes Yoruba movies🙃 and he Loves the Lord.


Anderson Austin known as Slique👑 is an upcoming artist and an undergraduate. He is a unique artist who has interests in Rap, hip hop and trap, contrary to the popular believe that most Nigerians artist are all into Afro beat music. He sometimes self-produces his songs and does his own graphic design.

Anderson dropped his first single on 11th November 2017, to his suprise, he got good reception from people around him and far.

He spoke strongly about his Love for music and artists that inspire him such as Blac, MI, Meek Jikins, Dremo, Kendrick Lamar, IMTJ, stormzy and a whole lot more. He spoke about the positive influence Zeldak had on his producing game.

He said when it comes to making music and putting yourself out there, the struggle is real, getting promotion is really expensive and every other thing needed by an Artist, but the passion keeps him going. He said he is just trying to grow himself as an artist to be able to put his best foot forward when ever he decides to put himself out there. Outside the sphere of Music he said he is an extrovert, not the best singer and he is single.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language Idiom which refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with Just a single picture.

Femi is a photographer, a student of Computer Science and if i may add, a good conversationist. During our conversation i saw that He was someone who took photography as an art not just putting the camera up in his face and taking shots of people striking poses.

He spoke strongly about having a concept for every shot, he spoke about how delightful it is to have clients that know what they want. He also enlightened me about the misconception people have with photoshoots. He said A photographer has to research before a shoot, we are talking about getting filters, scouting a good location, good gadget and the hours spent on editing to get a remarkable work is a different story entirely.

I for one love a good picture and I find all these really interesting. He loves Potrait and fashion Photography, he has people like Prince Mayson, a Lagos based photographer as a mentor and a brother also who has strong passion for photography which in turns fuels His Passion. Aside Photography he said he also loves programming, online gaming,chatting with people and graphic design, he said he likes to create things out of the blues and doesn’t like the regular coperate work he sees around.

The things he does for fun involves watching cartoons(family guy, South park, Anime) he is also dating. He shared a brief story with me about one of his Love stories about when he was younger, how he journed to see his bae,which wasn’t eventful and got busted by his parents.😊

Femi hopes to branch out in the nearest future as a professional photographer


Chidera is a poet who writes and performs Spoken word poetry. He started writing his poems 2015 and had his first stage performance that year which was uneventful according to him but it didn’t discourage him from facing the crowd and doing what he loved because after that experience he has had amazing performances.

Chidera said Poetry is the best way he expresses himself, he mentioned that poetry deals with emotion and a fine line should be drawn on how to use your emotion in order not to saddle the audience with your emotional baggages.

He spoke about time he penned down somethings from anger and when he posted it, he got some negative reviews from people who actually loved his work.

The Poets he loves to read from and Listen to includes, Passion For Christ Ministry(P4CM), Sarah Kay, Clayton Jenning and Phil kaye. He spoke about how he wasn’t the brightest when he was younger and how he got better by making conscious effort to be better. Chidera would love to improve himself in the future as a poet and the career path he choses.

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  2. wow Aby this is impressive. I didn’t know yhu were into creative writing. why didn’t you lead with that when we met. Awesome work.

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