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I hope we have all been having a swell time, did you go out to celebrate valentine, did you stay home to stuff yourself with some good food or did you have exams like me….either ways I hope we enjoyed ourselves.

This topic is one which is dear to me, because it’s a struggle of mine as a naturalista. Today’s post is about those grey days when you don’t want to be natural anymore……I KNOW!!! THE HORROR!!!!😭

Personally, I think the way I’m obsessed with my hair or natural hair in general,(I could start a cult😂) but even with so much passion and love for natural hair, there are days I wonder, what if I put in a relaxer?

When I think about my natural Hair Journey so far, I know cannot afford to backside😂. We know, the way we chose to keep our hair is totally up to us, be it relaxed, short, dreads, long, natural, dyed etc but I know for sure we have days when we want something different.

Now, there are times I would blow out or stretch my hair and want it to remain like that. The last time I did, I remember running my hands through my hair, the feeling of easily accessing my scalp,the light weight feeling of my hair and just having it lay down for the First time in a long time, I won’t Lie, felt good.

Then I imagined swimmimg and having water flow down my long straight hair, but then I snapped back to reality cause we all know what would happen if water should touch my hair😂.

When I do have such feelings, I remember the reasons why I went natural (honestly hair was dying, breaking off and losing it’s colour, but aside that🌚) or why i am still natural. I love the fact that my hair defies gravity, even though sometimes I wish it didn’t. I love it’s thickness, the curl pattern, my new length and also, maybe it’s just me but being natural can sometimes make me feel like I’m in a sisterhood or something, seeing a fellow naturalista feels like seeing a family member ( except when the family member’s hair is waaaaay longer and puffier than mine then I’ll just feel like crying😭) but in all, it’s a beautiful feeling, and the thing that affirms me the most in this natural hair journey is that it’s the work of God on man, the work of God on me and whatever God makes is beautiful.

So,my advice to all my naturalistas is to be patient with your Hair, care for it, nuture it, love what God gave you and just love the journey as you go.

Goodluck xoxo



So people I’m super excited to make this announcement *Drum rolls*🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

My Birthday is on the 23rd of Feburary (this saturday) I’m really happy and thankful because The good Lord has brought me thus far. Soooooo…..My next post will be a question and answer post along side whatever I’ll be writing on, the QandA could be a video or anything, so now the deal is, I’ll need you all to send in your questions, these questions could be on anything( that i can answer😊), a post request or whatever ( knock yourselves out) so I’ll be taking in questions from NOW till the 23rd. you could send your questions via dm;

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Twitter: queen_geal

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Thank you❤❤❤

14 thoughts on “Natural Hair Gang…NOT!

  1. We all gat unique hairs; it’s priceless. I believe every person have hairs with specific flaws. But one just need to understand their make up and learn to live with and value ’em. Good one Queengael!

  2. Hi queen geal
    This is a great post and most often if a guy tells a girl they want this natural styles. You all ladies think. This guy does not want to spend money of big hairs. Lovely post. Keep it up.

  3. Although I m a guy. My hair ain’t that full because of personal reasons but I don’t use relaxer on my hair. I love my hair Thick n puffed. Relaxing your hair just takes out that natural Factor n Swag it’s got going

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