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This post is about SKIN, yes Skin. As shallow as some people might think this is, this issue is real.

We are constantly appreciating all skin complexion on social media, but in real life reverse is the case.

I could just write about the uniqueness of all the different shades of skin we have, but that isn’t the real deal,we don’t appreciate people’s diversity.

Months ago, I was going through YouTube, watching random skin and hair care videos, when I came across a Vlogger who’s also a traveller. She was at a particular country in Africa and she spoke about how she had become visibly darker due to the really hot weather and all. She didn’t say it like it was a problem, it was more like a “matter of fact” statement, like saying how your hair has gotten longer from using a particular product. If that happened to some of us we would run out to get skin care products to “fix” ourselves up.

We claim to Love all shades but we only compliment our friends when he/she is getting fairer ( I don’t mean when one is going through hyperpigmentation, it should be celebrated but we know when something is wrong with our skin)

I’ve heard funny stories of guys who do not want to be with dark skinned girls, just because they don’t think they are beautiful enough and girls that would run from light skinned boys because they feel they can’t be trusted based on the fact that they are probably too good looking to be Loyal. (what is that!!)

The stereotypism is real. I was reading random posts online, and I read something about a makeup artist who said makeup “helps” dark skinned people to look fairer because the makeup will “cover up” for them. This is probably just my opinion, but I wonder, when makeup is done for darker people, they won’t like to use their shade but instead they’ll use a lighter one so the makeup will look more appealing because I’ve experienced this, like why then does Fenty Beauty have 40 shades?

Some of us may not understand the uniqueness of our skin, honestly I only liked a particular skin tone until I learnt why people from different part of the world have different skin tone. check this post for more info ( queengeal.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/urrgh-im-getting-darker-again😑/ )

Don’t misunderstand me, everyone may have their Skin tone preference, for example, one might like a guy with melanin and a girl with caramel tone, that’s cool but when you see other skin tones as less or wrong then that’s a problem. That’s colourism

Colourism: A form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meaning attached to Skin colour

My point in all is, in as much as you celebrate people we know and do not know on social media ( #melaninpopping #yellowmelanin #melaninking etc) let’s also learn to appreciate ourselves outside the internet and not inculcate social stereotypism towards each other.

So guys the QandA video is ready, do check it out❤❤😚

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