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Today we will get to know about someone dear to me(my very own mama P😊) the CEO of JBP. Enjoy the read.

What’s Your Full Name?

Oguntona Oluwagbemileke Precious

Tell Me A Little About Yourself?

First of all I am all about God,open to all, music lover,I love to sing,love adventures,new experiences, and challenges atimes.

I am a lady in my final year of Anatomy Study at Bingham University, second to the last born of 7 siblings, I always want to meet new people, make new friends, build new bridges. I also write as well, just to burst open what brews in my heart a times.

What’s The Name of Your brand Jewelink beauty Palace #JbP

When Did You Start?

Initially, I never had makeup in mind. In the year 2015, my first holiday in my 1st year in the university, I really wanted to learn events planning and decoration (Interior & Exterior) but somehow I landed in makeup, so 2015 was the year I learnt and 2016/2017 was the year JbP officially started.

What Was Your Reason For Starting Up?

I never planned to learn anything related to makeup or cosmetics, it just happened and it gave me joy to put smiles on the faces of any one I had the chance to beautify, paying customers or not.

What Has Been Your Inspiration?

It’s the joy to always get better at giving elegance, at first all I wanted to was just makeup for anyone I saw, I’d sometimes see someone and describe how every part of their face would be perfect for a makeover.😂

So How Long Have You Been Into This Business?

It has been four long, good and growing years.

What Has Been Your Challenges? Starting was rough, not having enough or the right items, then the Location. It’s either many people did not show up and sometimes when they did, they’d usually use the Location to determine how they pay. E.g, If someone were to come for a makeover at lugbe (that’s where I stay), the amount they are willing to pay will be quite discouraging, but other bigger places places (saloons etc) they could pay more than what I’d demand for.

Presently it’s a major issue for most makeup artists, Location or not. It is said that customers are always right, but in a business such as this particular one, it’s not so helpful. when customers that do not have the slightest idea about makeup, want to dictate your every step during the make-over, all I can say is, It is well. (I try not to let them look at the mirror while I work)


Your work experience?

So far my family has helped improve my skills, even if they would not pay.😂 I’ve had the chance to work with the makeup artist, #officialfacebeatpro, on some occasions, it really gave me a kick start to improvement. Shoutout to Habiba #officialfacebeatpro.

Also, I worked with a few photographers, it helped boost my publicity. Photographers such as Focal Point Photography, now known as Tamzy’s photography, Phemmy studio etc.

I got to learn the pros and cons of running a Beautician business (kai, na work🙆🏽‍♀😂😂) but It gave me the chance and possibility to speak to people on important issues when it comes to beauty talk, because while I was acquiring the skill, I learnt a few on facial treatments and care, all thanks to my one and only #pagessignature under the youth entrepreneurship program in 2015.

I learnt so much including; gele tying, make over, facial care and treatments, make-up tools and their necessity, you could locate pages signature/concept at new banex plaza,aminu kano crescent, wuse 2, abuja.

Who Are The People You Would Consider As mentors?

My mum is my Number one Mentor, she might not be the makeup artist herself, but she always has her ways. My senior sis, Temidayo, CEO of Toke Gold Empire, Habiba, official makeup artist #officialfacebeatpro, my best lady, director at pages concept.

What Do You hope To Achieve In The Nearest Future?

I am not sure how large and far I want to take JbP, because it’s not on the same lane as my career line, but if I ever do, I’d love to own a unique beautician studio.

What’s Your Pricing Like?

Presently it is negotiable, but with a writing of agreement within certain periods, especially for special occasions e.g home service, photo shoot, bridal makeover, occasional makeover, this is due to past unfavourable experiences.

What Other Things Are You Into?

I am not into anything else apart from this,I am a studying doctor in the making.😁

Names Of Other People In Your Field You’ve Worked With?

Aside photographers, it’s just one best person, my favorite person, love to habiba, the official makeup artist of officialfacebeatpro. She’s always a darling friend and sister, and I love her so much.

So here we have it folks, till next time.❤


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