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I’m excited about this topic because it is one which is familiar with my fellow natural hair gang sisters and brothers. CHEBE POWDER ET RICE WATER.

I am presently doing a chebe powder and rice water challenge for a month to see it’s effect on my hair so click the link below to subscribe to my channel, hit the notification button so you’ll be notified when I post the video.

Chebe powder is known as a powerful hair booster, if I may say. For those of us that are familiar with natural hair youtubers, we can observe that a lot of them tried out Chebe powder.

Chebe powder is derived from a plant known as Croton Zambesicus (Lavender croton), a scrub which can be found all over Africa, especially Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Another plant it can be derived from is Croton Gratissimus(Lavender feverberry) This plant is found mainly in the southern part of Africa.

In order for me to not bore you with too many details, I’ll advice you google it.

Chebe powder benefit includes;

Moisturizing the hair

Thickening of the hair

Reduction of hair breakage.

1. Chebe and oil

Ingredient; oil, shea butter and chebe powder.

  • Mix shea butter and oil till it becomes a smooth mixture
  • Section your hair and wet it a bit.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair, then pour little chebe powder to each section and avoid pouring it on your scalp.
  • Braid or twist your hair afterwards, leave the mixture on your hair for about 5 days and repeat the process. when there is too much build up of the product on your scalp, you should wash your hair then reapply the mixture.

2. LOC Method (Liquid Oil and Chebe paste/mixture)

  • Moisturize the hair with water
  • Apply the chebe paste to your hair (try to avoid applying too much on the scalp)
  • Leave the paste on the hair for an hour or more then wash it out.

3. Overnight Method

  • Make a paste with Chebe powder, shea butter, Jojoba oil and mango butter.
  • Apply to the hair over night then wash the paste out the following morning.

{NOTE: You can use any hair oil/product of your choice}

Chebe powder is said to grow one’s hair out in weeks, this is one of the major reason I’m doing this challenge to see the result for myself Subscribe to see the progress I’ll post later on.

Rice water is the Latest obsession and I can’t seem to stop hearing about it. So the magic behind rice water is this, Rice is soaked in water for hours or days for fermentation to occur, so the water is used on the hair. The water could be put in a spray bottle as a daily moisturizer or it could be used to rinse out the hair after shampooing and conditioning. So Basically the water will contain essential nutrients (after fermentation of the rice has occured) which will aid your hair growth. I’ve seen posts and videos of people who said it worked like magic so I will be trying it out in my Challenge (do check it out)

So, my beautiful readers if you would consider trying these methods and product out, do let me know and if you’ve tried them out before, I’ll love to know your experience. Thank you Lovelies.

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  1. I’d definitely try these. I tried using rice water before but, I wasn’t consistent so, I didn’t notice any difference.
    I’d try being consistent this time.

  2. I heard that rice water can’t be used as a daily moisturizing , it has to be rinsed out if not it would cause protein build up in the hair which would eventually break the hair. How true is this?

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