Andre Wolff – Men Haircare.

Is haircare really the same for men and women? Today’s guest is an artist with healthy long hair and he’ll be telling us how he was able to achieve this.

Andre Wolff is a musical artist and what drew me to him was his hair. I saw a picture of him and I immediately wanted to know him and ask questions. Presently he’s wearing his hair short but he was kind enough to give me tips of how he took care of his hair when it was longer. Here’s a brief chat with Andre Wolff.

What was your hair care practice?

My routine was nothing crazy. Wash my hair twice a week, use leave in conditioner every two days & oil it everyday.

Also, once in a while I wouldn’t comb it for about 4-6 days when I feel like I’m losing a lot of hair through combing.

So how long did you have your hair before you cut it?

I can’t really say, because I switch up my hairstyle regularly so I cut and regrow my hair from scratch often. I can afford to, because my hair grows quite fast. My hair was grown for about 7-8 months.

Any other extra tips?

Well, except for the obvious, like sleep with a scarf on, wet your hair before using any leave-in conditioner, there’s really nothing else.

So there you have it guys, for those of you that think hair care is different for men, you can see it really isn’t. If you have questions you can drop it in the comment section. I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two.

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