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Y’all know I’m all about creatives and we have an interesting person today.Also, he is very dear to me. To all my lovers of good music this post is definitely for you because the person you’re about to meet, is someone who writes from the heart and yet make you dance. Let’s meet him shall we?

Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Dlama. I’m a Medical Student, a musician and a podcast host.

Musically speaking, I’m a songwriter, an afropop and afro-dancehall singer. And a rapper too.

When did you fall in love with music and writing?

Okay I’ve always been a big fan of music from a very early age. I literarily grew up listening to music.

Music is part of our daily lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you come from. Biblically speaking, music predates man so, I believe we all have this connection to music. There’s just something about it. And for me, it was a journey of self discovery.

Being a music fan at a very early age, I discovered that I could actually compose melodies and write my own songs. But being young and all, I felt like it was a normal thing for everyone. So despite the fact I wrote and composed songs, it was all for fun purposes at first, even though I had the desire to record some of them.
In same vein, some years later, I also discovered I was good at rap, afropop, dancehall etc.
And I began to work on the skills to make better music.

So I can say that, That it was more of a journey of self discovery than it was that of just suddenly falling in love with it.

Were you ever star struck over any artist?

No, not yet (laughs)😂

What inspires you to write, sing or rap?

For me, music is simply art – a form of expression. And also, it is a powerful platform – to pass across information.

The first time you performed, how did it feel like?

Well, the first time I performed an original song, was back in secondary School on a Sunday chapel.
It was amazing.

How it felt? Well, I was actually happy and grateful to God. It was my first time getting my own stuff out there in front of people and it had a great reception. So yes, I guess the natural response will be happiness. (Chuckles)

Do you see yourself in the next ten years doing this?

10 years? That’s a lot of time you know.

Well, I am not entirely sure how, but absolutely yes, by the grace of God.

What do you have to say to upcoming artists, those who have not found the confidence to put out their work?

Well, the most difficult part is actually starting. Just start. You don’t have to have a perfect song to start. As long as you’re open to change and you are willing to learn and grow. You’ll get there. But, If you never start, you’ll never get better.

So just start, and be willing to learn and improve.

I mean, no human was born being able to walk. We all started, even made mistakes along the way and we got better.
Imagine if we never started cause we were comfortable crawling at babies, we’ll have crawling adults and that’ll really look bad.

And when you start, be diligent and faithful to your art. Even the Bible says it, that diligent men and women will stand before kings and not mere men. So you have to faithful to your art and be willing to improve.

Are you single?

I find this question in particular quite funny. Well, I’m not married, so definitely I’m single (laughs).

But then, to answer this question in the right context, yes , yes Dlama is currently single at the moment.

Hope it’s not a crime? with the Valentine hype in the air (laughs)

Tell us a secret about you that nobody knows?

We’ll, let’s see… not really a secret, but just something most people don’t know..
When I went to record my first original single, I was heavily beaten by the rain. I could barely sing when I got the studio cause I was shivering. (Laughs)

Dlama’s latest single ” I ” is an afro dancehall about being responsible for yourself, I personally love this song and I know you all will definitely love it too, click the link below to Listen:


Adams’s Decision

If you’re hooked on Dlama like I am, then you should check out his social media accounts below:

Instagram @dlama_the_great

Twitter and Facebook @Dlama The Great

Podcast Linktr.ee/FridayNightsWithDlama

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