Good day lovelies, how are we all doing? I hope we’re blissful. I’m really happy to put this post together because we’re not just discussing about hair but this is an interview which means we have a GUEST!!!

Today’s guest is no one else but Wizart. He is a talented artist, who knows how to work Magic with his hands. Read on, to know more about Wizart.

Q: Please what’s your full name? W.A: Animashaun Tolu Wisdom

Q: Please give us a little Background History about you. W.A: Well, I’ve always loved cartoons. One time, I drew on my Mother’s school certificate, and it was a Hellish experience for me but my mum forgave me anyways.

Q; What do you do at the moment? W.A: Aside being an Artist, I am presently studying computer Science at FUT Minna.

Q: How did you start your Artistry Journey and how has it been like, so far? W.A: I started out drawing cartoons and comic book characters. Well it’s been good, I thank God. i am still learning a lot and there are heights I’ll need to reach.

Q: What has been your inspiration? W.A: Music and some good friends of mine.

Q:Can you share some interesting things about you? W.A: lol I Love cartoons so much, and I feel, to some extent, cartoons could be of help, if anyone ever wants to venture into artistry.

Q: Can you share some remarkable moments you’ve had as an artist? W.A: The first was when I sold my first art work, and the other was when I found out the Art work I did for a Nollywood Actress got to her. That is, the Beautiful Iyabo Ojo who is also a film maker. I love her work.

*IMPORTANT* Q: What is your hair care practice like? W.A: Well, it’s natural for now. I keep it clean, apply good haircare products, and get a trim when it’s due for one.

Q: Are you single or taken? W.A: I’m single.

Q: Are there any secret about you, that you will like to share? W.A: “Ladies with pretty faces”… that’s all I’ll say. Lol.

Q: What do you have to say to someone who wants to start out as an artist? W.A: Always call on God before you start any piece. Keep practicing, keep learning and make sure you have a drive, it will help you out.

There you have it, wonderful readers. I hope you enjoyed the read. He is open for business, his Instagram Handle is @wizart_xo.

Wizart is a source of inspiration for a lot of people who have artistic talent. Here, is a youth making waves from Drawing, most times with a pencil. I hope this inspires us to go into where our passion lies, develop ourselves and also make a name.


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