Chebe Powder has been one of the biggest obsession in the natural hair community, and it has been proven by various natural hair influencers that it really works in aiding hair growth.

It was first discovered among the Women of Chad, it has been a major part of their hair care routine, they use Chebe power, Karkar oil and other herbs. Now, Chebe powder is being used widely by a lot of women, both natural and relaxed.


In this post, we’ll be looking at Honey’s Paradise Chebe set. This consists of;

Honey’s Paradise Chebe powder.

Honey’s paradise Chebe Butter.

Honey’s Paradise karkar oil.

I was gifted this Set from Honey’s Paradise. A huge thank you to Honey’s Paradise for this awesome Set.

I used this set for a deep conditioning hair mask. I made a mixture of chebe powder, karkar oil, and a bit of ‘Zaytun Floral Blend’ oil in a bowl. The quantity of the mixture should be according to the volume of your hair and how greasy you would want it.

Tools and Product Used;

Spray Bottle

wide tooth comb

Honey’s Paradise Chebe Powder.

Honey’s Paradise Chebe Butter.

Honey’s Paradise Natural Hair Butter.

honey’s Paradise Karkar oil.

Own your Beautiful Gro oil.

shea Butter cream (Leave-in conditioner)

Zaytun Floral Blend oil

Shower cap

*I made a video to show how I used to chebe set, do check it out and don’t forget to subscribe* ❤️

Chebe Powder for Hair Growth | Honey’s Paradise Product.

Deep conditioning Hair Mask steps;

I) I started off by putting my hair in sections of four.

II) In a section, I cut out smaller sections, sprayed water and applied Shea butter cream( leave-in conditioner) to it.

III) Next, I generously applied the Chebe mix to the smaller section I made then put my hair in twists.

IV) When I was done with the application, I put my hair in a shower cap for about an hour, then I washed it.

V) Next, I dried my hair with a towel, applied the Honey’s Paradise Chebe butter and it’s Natural Hair Butter. I also applied ‘Own Your Beautiful’ Gro Oil(OYB Gro oil) to my scalp.

After doing these procedures, my hair felt really moisturised and soft. The Chebe mix had a fair scent, aside the mixture every other product I used had their own unique scent. I used a leave-in conditioner with the chebe mix to get more moisture.

Honey’s Paradise Chebe set is a good choice if you do consider using Chebe for your hair. If you would like to purchase their products, check out their Instagram page for more;


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