Hair Straightener Brush On 4c Hair.

Hair styling tools have evolved over the years, from Hot combs to a Hair straightner brush. We really need to appreaciate the innovators out there for a job well done. All these technological advancements are here to make our natural hair journey better and easier.

Now, we know some of these appliances do not run smoothly with all the different types of hair. Most especially the 4C hair. The result gotten from someone with a straight hair would not be the same with a person with 4C hair.

first of all, A hair Straightener brush is an electric brush that does the work of stretching the hair. The Simply Straight Hair Straightener Brush, has been designed to provide enough heat to do the job of giving one a Straighter hair look.

Simply Straight Hair Straightener Brush

I purchased the Simply Straight Hair Straightener Brush from Konga. It was delivered in less than a week ordering, which was good.

On the pack there were written features, but from my experience i’ll say the brush heats up fast. It has ceramic bristles, which is where gets heated up. According to its features on its Pack, the appliance heats up to 450 degree Fahrenheits but on the brush, theres an LCD screen that shows the temperature but reads in degree celcius. The highest tempertaure shown on the scrren is 230 degree celcius. I converted 230 degree celcuis to farenheits and it was 446 degree farenheits although i googled it too and some calcuations showned 450 degree farenheits. I’ll say that’s fair enough.

It’s instructions say it should be used on dry hair so it would not be wise to apply alot of products before using. It should not be used on dirty hair because it’s not so easy to clean the brush after use, and you can’t wash the brush.

It also says it has a 60 minutes auto shut off, which means if it’s plugged in for over an hour, it will turn off itself. Personally I’ve not used it for up to an hour so i can’t confirm that.

One of the things I like about the appliance is how portable it is. It’s light, one can carry it around in a hand bag if you want.

I hoped to have had an almost silk pressed look when I used it for the first time but it didn’t end that way. I got a blow out look instead.

Here’s Video I made showing how I used the Appliance.

I would highly recommend this product, especially when you’re trying to ditch the shrinage. The heat used here is not as muh or as damaging like using a blow dryer. Never forget to use a heat protectant product regardless.

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