How To Care For 4C Natural Hair

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I trust we’re doing fine and swell. Just curious, for those of in the natural hair gang, how often do you leave your hair out? Do you decide to slay some natural hair styles for weeks or days before you braid your hair with hair extensions, weave-on’s and wigs or you’re 100% team natural 24-7 365days? Let me know in the comment section.

So this post is about how to take care of 4c natural hair. When I started having interest in my natural hair, I used to believe I would be able to rock a ‘wash and go’, little did i know. I tried it one time, I was feeling so fly because as my hair was wet, the curls were more defined and it was so soft and bouncy, but when it got dry, Lord knows I considered cutting my hair off. My hair shrunk so bad, my comb had little or no effect, it was really painful to comb and I just wanted to cry. For some of y’all that must have experienced this, you would understand my frustration trying to manage my hair. Well back then I was still very experimental, if I may say.

My number one tip on how to care for 4c natural hair is:

I wrote about the different characteristics of the different hair type (2A-4C) and it was noted that 4C hair is the most fragile hair type, it is prone to breakage. So if your hair is dry and hard like mine, the best thing is not to pull with force when combs or brushes, it’s adviced that you comb or brush your hair when its moisturised (with water, leave-in conditional or any hair butter or moisturizer) to make it easier for the comb to pass through and always start from the tip. These steps are important to note, especially when you want to retain length because if you keep combing and breaking off the ends of your hair, as your hair is growing it isn’t increasing in length cause your ends keeps going off which will leave you at a stagnant length.

  • Stick to a hair care regimen. example of a hair care regimen: wash hair every 2 weeks deep condition every 2 weeks apply my hair care products every 3 days trim once in two months spray my rice water every night steam my hair every 2 weeks apply heat (blow dryer, hair strecher etc) trice in a year

It’s realy helpful to stick to your hair regimen to know if your hair has improved from the doing the regimen or if a particular procedure is adversly affecting your hair so you can stop it. If you don’t have a regimen and you do anything and everything to your hair and you’re having problems you may not kmow where the problem is comimg from. Being deligent to your regimen will show better results.

  • Trim!!! Trim!!! Trim!!! Some of my friends do not want to here the word “trim” or “cut”. I guess we feel we put too much effort to make our hair better that we find it abominable to lift scissors towards our hair. The truth is we need to trim our hair regularly, the ends of our hair gets weak, and thats why they break off so easily, if they are not cut off quickly, the breakage could affect the whole hair shaft and cause more breakage so it’s better to just let those old ends go dear.
  • Avoid over-styling We tend to be so creative and experimental with our hair, we want to rock the new style we saw on Instagram and all that. Every time we style, wash , stretch or treat our hair, we lose hair(there are people whose hair don’t easily break off but the average Female loses hair on a regular). I’m sure we won’t want to put so much effort to make our hair grow and be the ones to use our own hands to ruin our hair length retention? So let’s try to keep our styling to the minimal
  • Moisturize The importance of moisturizing can never be over emphasized. Moisturizing = softer manageable hair = less breakage = healthy longer hair. KAPISH!!!
  • Show your hair some love. it isn’t everyday we put in fermented rice water(which can be smelly) , onion water, garlic and honey mixture, or whatever mixture you make. It isn’t every time your hair should be in a high puff, tight braids, gelled back or whatever. On some days, let your hair be, leave it out to breathe and apply some sweet smeling oil. Love your hair as it is because it’s beautiful, no work of God is every bad.

With these few points of mine I hope I’ve been able to convince and not confuse you on how to take care of natural hair.😊

I pray you all have a good hair day, perfectly done twist out, wonderful wash and go’s and shinny bouncy curls.

Till next time Beautiful people………


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