Let’s talk about Alopecia(Hair Loss)

ALPOECIA – Hair loss from the scalp or anywhere else on the body.

Happy Sunday Beautiful people,

Today’s post is about Alopecia(Hair loss). This is a major concern for women generally, alopecia could come as bald patches on the scalp or receeding hair line. It could come in different forms but my area of concentration today is on receeding hairline(Traction Alopecia).

Now, it is known that some women naturally do not have alot of hair at the frontal part( genetics) but still women that struggle with receeding hairlines try to find solutions to help them get a full head of hair.

Aside Genetics, other causes of traction alopecia includes:

•Tight braids.

•Hairstyles that pulls the hair( constantly doing ponytail, high puff etc)

•Hair extensions that involve the use of glue for bonding.

•Harmful Chemicals found in relaxers.

Now nobody is saying one should avoid braids, hair extensions, relaxers etc but when these are constantly done, it could lead to traction alopecia.

Preventive measures against T.A includes;

•Taking out painful braids.

•Maintaining a hairstyle for a few weeks.

•Minimize the use of harsh chemicals on the hair.

•Have a good hair care regimen that includes the use of hair growth products.

Now, if one is already suffering from T.A, what can one do?

Firstly, if you naturally don’t have alot of hair around your edges, then you won’t be doing your hair any good, by doing super tight braids and asking your stylist to pick up every strand of hair while she/he makes your hair. The hair around your edges are already fragile enough, so the best thing is to let your edges be. There are alot of ways to slay your edges especially with good gel.

If you always had a full head of hair and you started noticing your hair line receeding,then you should go through the causes then try to stop whatever it is you are doing wrong to your hair, also stress contributes to hair loss so your’s might not be from bad hair care habits.

I hope we’ve learn’t a little from this, if you have any questions, you can comment down below, till next time lovelies ❤❤❤

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