Oluwafeyinfunmi Toyo|Natural 4c Hair Influencer.

When one decides to take the path of going natural, it isn’t the smoothest Journey. Some of us, when we started, we felt clueless and alone. But today we have a lot of natural hair influencers out there to guide us. Irrespective of your hair type, there is a blogger or youtuber for you.

Oluwafeyinfunmi Toyo

In this post, we’re having a wonderful 4c hair influencer. She is someone that has passion for hair, she reaches out to other women on how to take care of their hair and also shares with us her hair journey.

Miss funmi is known for her beautiful 4c hair and I was super excited to have a chit chat with her about herself, her hair journey and how it feels to be an influencer.

Q: Please tell us your full name and a bit about yourself.

Alright, my name is Oluwafeyifunmi Toyo. I’m a Masters student of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Ibadan. I’m a natural hair blogger and I am really Passionate about hair care and encouraging ladies to care for their hair.

Q: How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 2 years and 10months now.

Q: What would you say was your motivation to go natural?

My major motivation to go natural was the fact that I got tired of relaxers and I didn’t see the point of applying them to my hair anymore. I didn’t start using relaxers till I was about 17. It wasn’t exciting as I thought it would be.

Q: Did you suffer any form of damage from relaxers?

I have medium density hair and fine strands. Relaxers made my hair limp and lacked volume, my strands broke off and I decided there wasn’t any point in applying relaxers.

Q: What is your hair care regimen like?

I try to keep it simple. Basically it consists of protective styling and proper moisturizing.

wash day is usually once in two weeks, which includes, pre-poo, deep conditioning, the use of rice water or black tea rinse to reduce shedding. I do the LCO or LOC method. This depends on the consistency of the the products I use. Then I put my hair in mini twists or cornrows. During the week, I moisturize 3-4 times or as needed. Recently I started washing my hair in protective styles and its working for me. I wear wigs a lot so there’s minimal manipulation.

Q: What are your favourite go-to products?

I love the “PROFECTIV DEEP CONDITIONER” my hair loves it. The favourite brands I use are Shanyi Organics, Ziza Empire and the leave-in conditioner from Benice Essentials is awesome. I also incorporate DIYs.

Q: What would you say is your secret to hair growth?

I don’t have a “secret” to hair growth. I don’t think there’s any, but what I’ve learnt is that for my hair to thrive, I have to care for it. I tried to observe the things my hair likes and does not. Because my hair strands are very fine and prone to breakage, I try as much as possible to not over manipulate my hair.

Also I try to keep it moisturized. 4c hair gets dry easily and needs moisture to thrive. (I learnt this the hard way when I dyed my hair, it got really dry & I had to cut my hair & start growing it out again)

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I love using oils to massage my scalp – this promotes blood circulation and growth, so this has definitely helped me grow out my hair.

Q: How does it feel to be a natural hair influencer?

I’d say it feels really amazing. I feel grateful to work with brands, try out products and give my audience my honest opinions about them. I also really enjoy recording and creating content about something I’m passionate about.

I love helping people with their hair care issues and I feel really excited when I get positive feed backs from people who have consulted from me on issues they have with their hair care journey.

I’m really grateful.

Q: For the final question, you have to tell us a little secret about you, non-hair related.

ummm…secret? I don’t have any.
what I can think of, off the top of my head is, I’m starting my Youtube channel really soon.
I just have you an exclusive.. I hope that counts..lol 

I hope we’ve all learnt a thing or two about hair care.

you could follow her on IG for hair inspiration and daily hair care tips.



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