Sleek Low Bun on 4c Hair.

As we know 4c hair isn’t the easiest hair to tame especially when you’re using the wrong hair Gel. As a 4c hair naturalista you can’t just waltz into a store and pick up any hair gel. Personally I try to make sure the gel I’m getting is thick and not runny.

If you want to go from this;👇🏾

To this; 👇🏾

Then follow these simple rules;

  1. Spray some water on your hair first (not too much to make your hair super wet)
  2. Apply the gel in section, eg back, first side and second side.

3. Spray more water if you feel the need to.

4. Tie each section together as you apply gel.

*below is a brief tutorial on how to achieve the look, check it out and while you’re there, subscribe* 🤗

5. When you’ve finally packed each section and your hair is laid well and fine, next is your edges.

6. Slay your edges the way you want. You can also use any hair accessory of your choice if you want.

I hope this post was helpful. Love and light 💞✨

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