A vegetarian Diet Basically compromises of food that do not contain meat and animal products. Examples are; Beef, pork, Chicken, Fish, eggs etc

There are reasons why individuals decide to embark on a vegetarian Diet or Vegetarian Lifestyle. Some people are advised by their Doctors to cut down on these kinds for food for the benefits of their health. Other people could do it for experimental purpose while some people have chosen to live a “Green” lifestyle. They go Vegan, in what they eat and also in the things they consume such as Cosmetics, clothings etc

I did a 30 days Vegan Diet, I avoided any form of meat, no snack with meat in it (meat pie, samosa, sausage roll etc) indirectly I was also cutting down junks because for me, aside from Cake (that I love so much) I’m not a huge fan of snacks that are made from only flour( Doughnuts and the likes)

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I did this for experimental purposes and I wanted to know how it would feel to have a diet plan that excludes meat.

My experiences.

  1. Withdrawal Syndrome: I honestly though only those addicted to drugs or sugar would experience withdrawal syndrome, but from my experience, anything one chooses to withdraw from,withdrawal syndrome should be expected. My cravings for meat was high and weird. I also experienced weakness and tiredness. When I ate I would not feel satisfied. All these occurred from the First week to the start of the second week.

*Here’s a video I made, speaking about my diet experience *

  1. Bloating: Bloating is a swollen state caused by retention of fluid or gas. I experienced this because I was substituting meat and the likes for more legumes and vegetables (beans, carrot, peas etc) The body requires these kind of food in moderate to little quantity. Me taking protein and vegetables from other food source caused Bloating because my body was not used to taking this amount of vegetables and proteins. I didn’t experience this for too long.
  2. Clearer Skin: During this period my skin was clearer, I was not breaking out at the time. Honestly I did not want to link this up to the fact that I was going vegan but when I read through other people’s experience, they also indicated that they experienced clearer skin, so it’s safe to say going vegan helped my skin.
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These are my experiences and also note I didn’t observe weight loss, I’m a slim person.

Tell me your experience in the comment section below if you are vegan or have had a vegan diet plan before.


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