So, quite a number of people are trying to lose weight, and they have this image that they aspire to be, I believe we can all achieve our respective weight or body goal, but what if we are having unrealistic expectations of how we want our bodies to look like because we do not understand our respective body shape. Below are the different body shapes of women and the particular parts of their bodies they tend to add/loss weight.

HOUR GLASS: The curvy shape. Here the shoulders and hips are well balanced. Weight gain is equally distributed. Weight gain is normally on the bust and hips. This body type sometimes does not have tummy fat accumulation . So if you’re on this side of town, and you’re on the big side, then during your weight loss journey, you should be expecting to loss weight around your bust, butt, hips, tummy(if tummy fat is present)

No matter the amount of weight you put on,the good side is you’ll always have a curvy shape.

PEAR SHAPE: If you are Pear shaped, then you are curvy but your hips are wider than your shoulders. Irrespective of how you gain weight, you will always have a smaller waist and still have a curvy shape. So basically, weight gain will be around the thigh, butt and legs sometimes.

INVERTED TRIANGLE: This Body Shape usually has a High Hip or a Straight Hip line, firm and wider shoulders, could be busty, little waist. weight gain is usually from the waist upwards.

RECTANGULAR SHAPE: For this Body Shape, just like the hour glass shape, the shoulders and hips are usually well balanced. There are lesser fat distribution around the hips which gives a straight hip appearance. This body shape weight gain is not usually obvious until the person really gets on the big side.

APPLE SHAPE: This Body Shape has curvy bustline with straight hips. This body type has a softer shoulder line compared to the rectangular body shape. The shoulder and hips are also balanced. There could be little or no waistline. weight gain occurs from the waist upwards mainly, while retaining shapely legs.

So now that we are informed about the different body shape, we should know what to expect during our weight loss Journey.


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